As Artemis Steel, Construction Inc. ,We are a company that we offer earthquake resistant,cozy and nice structures of heavy steel systems to everybody. Let’s explain the advantages of steel structures that we do;

♦ Steel structures are more durable system for earthquake by reason of flexibility feature.  To reach the same strength is harder for concerete structures, it costs more and so risky because of weight.

♦The members of steel structure is produced as confirming to standarts of dimensions on workshop conditions. Self-expected earthquake and calculated behavior they show, in the static calculation of the margin of error is very low.

♦ It is easy control of steel structure materials, there is no risk to steal material hidden in concrete. Deviations in quality due to application errors, iron and concrete in reinforced concrete structures is much higher.

One of the important branches of our company is projecting and producing steel constructions. Artemis Steel has adopted modern production techniques for steel construction and continued investments since its foundation with the production understanding to meet all kinds of demands of its customers and still continuing investment projects to meet the increasing and changing needs of qualified steel producers.

The advantages of steel constructions can be summarized as follows: the safety for earthquakes, suitability for poor grounds due to its lighter weight, economical recycling by demounting, higher material durability and elasticity, possibility to form wider spaces, architectural specificity, faster production and mounting process, decrease of infrastructure costs, etc…

Projecting, production and mounting of factory buildings, Industrial facilities, Roofing, Stores and warehouses, additional mezzanines for existing building, Platforms, reinforcement of concrete buildings, Auto parking facilities, elevator carriers etc. are conducted by us to provide them to the service of you, our esteemed customers.


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What We Do

We provide our service to the industrialists and execute the best of their plans consulting our experienced researchers and engineers and help them make their dream come true. We guide and support our customers and be with them to the very end like a family so that we can support the world economy through them.

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Building & Construction

In this era of high rises we ensure the strength, integrity, comfort and most importantly safety of the house that you live in, building that you work in.

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Automation Industry

Automation is the topmost technology in today’s world and we are the topper at it. We have already provided many industries with the perfect automation system

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